Tsho Rolpa Hazard Mitigation Project, Revisited

Notes from Bridges 2000

Tsho Rolpa in 1999

Tsho Rolpa in 2000

Sluice gate controling flow notch cut in moraine bank of lake.

Water dropping from notch to join Rolwaling River below;
rocks have been stabilized with cables.

Catwalk across the sluice gate.

The Rolwaling River at in November 2000.

Above and next three photos below: Tsho Rolpa in 2000, at reduced level.

(Above and below:) New steel bridge at Na.

Satellite based siren just below Tsho Rolpa.

An immediate danger at Tsho Rolpa has been avalanche from the glaciers directly above it.

The Rolwaling River winds across the U-shaped valley carved by glaciers that once descended a bit further than Na.

Lowered lake

Lowered lake


Facing ridge - stupa site

Lowered lake


Project site



Over the edge

Project office

Water exiting toward valley

Sluice gate


Northwest bank of Tsho Rolpa

The channel

same as next

The new controled-release channel, looking west on Rolwaling Valley

Water released from sluice gate

The sluice gate

Sacred spot near Na