The Rolwaling Mountaineering School

Agenda: March 24 - May 4, 2003

  • Exploring Kathmandu
  • Rafting the Bhote Khosi
  • Trek to the Sacred Valley
  • Mountaineering in the High Himalayas
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The Summiters mountaineering school program can be broken up into four main parts. The first section will consist of orientation, sightseeing, and practical lectures in Kathmandu. There will also be ample time for exploring, shopping and purchasing last minute gear and supplies. The second section is a two-day rafting expedition on the Bhote Khosi. This exciting experience through class four and five rapids is designed to strengthen the group's teamwork skills and allow more time to get to know each other in a fun setting. Following the rafting portion of the course, we will jump directly into the third section that consists of a five-day hike through the low hills of Nepal and up to the remote Rolwaling valley.

Once in Rolwaling we will spend just over four weeks in our intensive mountaineering curriculum. Here we will teach a variety of skills ranging from first aid, to avalanche forecasting, to technical ice climbing. For a complete synopsis of all the topics taught see our Course Sylabus. Since we will be based out of the small village of Beding (3693 meters), there will also be time to get to know the local inhabitants, learn about their customs and help with the numerous volunteer opportunities associated with the Bridges to Rolwaling program. While in the valley we will attempt to summit Ramdung Go (5930 meters) and Yalung Ri (5630 meters). Conditions permitting, we may also approach the Manlung La (5616 Meters), the historic pass where Eric Shipton captured his famous Yeti Photographs. Shorter day hikes will take us to the south wall of Gauri Shankar, the beautiful lake of Oma'i Tsho and other spectacular places.

At the conclusion of training, we will cross the infamous Tashi Lapcha pass into Khumbu. During this technical traverse, we will have the opportunity to tackle an additional major summit. Pacharmo rises 6273 meters above sea level and will be the ultimate test of your newly acquired skills. After navigating the difficult icefall leading to the pass, we will camp at over 5750 meters before attempting the summit. Following our summit bid, we will descend into the popular Khumbu valley and into the town of Thame. At Thame our program will end, but participants will have the opportunity to trek throughout Khumbu, participate in the Namche Conference and fiftieth anniversary celebrations in Namche Bazaar, or simply return to Kathmandu. Whatever your decision, you will have gained the necessary knowledge and skills to plan and execute your own mountaineering expeditions throughout the world.

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