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Altogether, the seven-week program will cost $3800 plus travel. A $200 discount will be given to all students paying according to schedule. In an effort to keep costs as low as possible for our participants, we have priced the program well below industry standards. Part of the reason this low cost is possible is because we are able to utilize local homestays and lodges to both reduce our costs and provide you with a more rewarding cultural experience. When possible, you share housing and meals with local inhabitants giving you firsthand experience of the local lifestyles and customs. Another reason our costs are kept low is due to the fact that we refrain from issuing printed materials. This has the added benefit of reducing our impact on the already burdened environment. One final reason we are able to do this is because our goal is to maximize our economic impact on the Rolwaling population, not to line our own pockets. We sacrifice our own salaries not only for the benefit of our students, but more importantly the benefit of the people we intend to help. While all this means you are getting a lot more for your dollar than many other similar programs, it also means that some costs will have to be met by the students while in Nepal. The course fee includes:

The program fee does not include:
To estimate your additional expenses calculate approximately $5 per day in Kathmandu for accommodations, an additional $5-$7 per day for meals, $1100-$1500 for airfare to Nepal, $5-$10 per day for Room and Board during the hike to Rolwaling, and an additional $5-$15 for each day to remain in Khumbu after the course. If you choose to fly out of Khumbu instead of trekking, the flight will cost around $90. This means that, if you arrive in Kathmandu on the 24th you can expect to pay from $85-$120 for expenses incurred in Kathmandu and on the trail. The amount you will need after the course depends upon how long you stay in both Khumbu and Kathmandu. These costs are only estimates to help determine your budget. Note that they do not include souvenirs or any sort of entertainment or sightseeing in which you may partake while in Kathmandu. Thrifty nickels may find it easy to spend far less than this, while more extravagant spenders can easily spend several hundred dollars. We suggest bringing a minimum of $500 to get you through the beginning and end periods of the course. Those of you staying in Khumbu for extended periods should bring closer to $1000.

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