Learn the skills to become a safe and successful mountaineer from seasoned Everest summiters!

Our instructors, Dawa Chiri and Tsering Dorje, both natives of Rolwaling, and both members of the exclusive Rolwaling Summiters Association, have climbed many of the world's highest mountains, including Mt. Everest. They have years of experience guiding clients to the top of the world's highest peaks; now they invite you to their home villages where they will teach you to lead yourself.

In 2003 Bridges-PRTD is inaugurating a climbing school for tourists in association with the innovative Bridges to Rolwaling, which has been helping the residents of Rolwaling Valley develop opportunities for climbers and trekkers. Summiters may participate in some of the volunteer projects, including the installation of the first hydropower plant in the valley.

Summiters offers a unique program combining both practical mountaineering instruction and cultural interaction to give our students the most rewarding experience possible. Most of our instruction comes from Sherpa mountaineers who have reached many of the world's highest summits. As an added bonus, these instructors are all native to the valley in which our program takes place. We will have the opportunity to learn about them and their culture, be welcomed into their homes to sleep and eat, and join them in celebrating important religious ceremonies. Additionally, we will have the opportunity to give back to the local community through optional volunteer and service projects.

The remote Rolwaling Valley, where most of the course will take place, also offers an added attraction. A sacred valley, believed by the Sherpas to be a hidden valley where one can escape the troubles and turmoil of the outside world; Rolwaling has been closed to independent trekkers. By joining us on our course, you will be among the few who have had the opportunity to see this beautiful, relatively untouched area while getting to know its mountains and inhabitants intimately. A land of smiling faces, soaring peaks and plunging waterfalls, the Sacred Valley will cast a spell over you. As you stand atop Pachermo (21,000 feet!), high above the formidable Tashi Laptsa pass, you will look back on this experience and promise yourself, "I'll be back!"

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