In order to facilitate personal and individualized instruction, Summiters enrollment is limited to twelve participants. We recommend that you apply early.

Mountaineering Experience:
The Summiters program has primarily been designed to accommodate beginning mountaineers with little or no experience. For our purposes we consider even seasoned rock climbers to be beginning mountaineers if they donít have experience ascending high peaks via ice and snow covered routes. We will provide instruction and practice in all necessary basic skills including the use of equipment.


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On the other hand, Summiters will also accommodate more experienced participants. This is possible due to our low student-to-instructor ratio and our ability to break up into smaller rope teams. The syllabus is flexible and can be tailored to fit the groupís experience. Instruction can progress from basic topics to more advanced ones as quickly or as slowly as the individual group members require in order to master the skills. We are therefore able to maintain a high level of challenge, excitement and instruction for all skill levels. If you have questions about your own experience and how you will fit into our program, please do contact us.

Academic and Professional Background:
While this program is designed for ecotourism professionals and for students preparing for a career in ecotoursm, no particular academic or professional background is required. Those who have no such interest, but are looking for mountaineering instruction alone, may elect the "just-do-it" option.

Physical Fitness and Pre-trip Preparation:
Because we will be exerting ourselves at high altitudes for long periods of time, it is important to begin the program in reasonably good shape. While there will be a short period during the first week or so to catch up, we recommend some form of aerobic and cardiovascular training for several weeks prior to departure. Strength training is not nearly as important, but remember you will be carrying heavy loads for extended periods of time. If you are overweight, this program will probably get you back in shape quite quickly, but you will enjoy yourself much more if you are physically prepared for the challenges of high altitude mountaineering.

We accept anyone over the age of 18, and may consider younger students under certain conditions.

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