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There are countless books on mountaineering, climbing and other related topics. While most are excellent sources for information, those listed below follow our lessons closely.

Mountaineering: The Freedom of the hills (6th Ed.), by the Mountaineers
Widely considered the "Bible of Mountaineering Literature," this is the closest thing you will find to a textbook on Mountaineering. It covers almost all the topics which we will cover during our course.

The Avalanche Handbook, by David McClung and Peter Schaerer
Detailed and well-explained information on snow physics and the causes, forecasting and avoidance of one of natures most powerful forces.

The ABC of Avalanche Saftey by E.R. LaChapelle
A pocket sized guide to avalanche forcasting and prevention.

Mountaineering First Aid: A Guide to Accident Response and First Aid Care, by The Mountaineers
A guide to Mountaineering related injuries and their care. This book also includes sections on the management of accidents and evacuations.

High Altitude Illness and Wellness by Charles Houston
A decent introduction to acclimatization and altitude sickness. This book has several helpful illustrations.

Mountain Sickness: Prevention, Recognition and Treatment, by Peter H. Hackett.
A pocket size guide to acclimatization and altitude sickness.

High Altitude Medicine, by Pepper Etters
This [unpublished] report reviews what is known about the physiological basis of acclimatization and altitude sickness. Written in layman's terms.

How to Ice Climb! by Craig Luebben
A solid introduction to ice climbing by one of the masters of the sport.

Life and Death on Mount Everest: Sherpas and High Altitude Mountaineering by Sherry B. Ortner -

Teach Yourself Nepali by Michael Hunt and Abhi Subedi.

Trekking and Climbing in Nepal by Steve Razzetti
This book contains up-to-date information on many of our routes.

Trekking in Nepal: A Traveler's Guide by Stephen Bezruchka.

Trekking in the Everest Region by Jamie McGuinness.

The Sherpas of Rolwaling, North Nepal: A Study in Cultural Ecology by Janice Sacherer
The seminal research on Rolwaling Valley; Bridges is currently collaborating with Jan in updating this indispensable treatise.

Sherpas: Reflections on Change in North Nepal by James Fisher

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